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Why planting trees?

We plant a tree with every premium subscription you buy on SAU. Why trees? Because trees are crucial to our survival. Trees store CO2, produce oxygen, and improve air - as well as water-quality. They counter erosion and thereby protect cities and villages from landslides or flooding. Furthermore, healthy forests provide habitat for a vast array of endangered animals. With your support, we are able to do more for our planet. Your subscriptions will help in leaving a lasting and positive impact for this generation and the next.

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1000 trees have already planted for SAU subscribers

This will absorb
500 k
kg of carbon dioxide
This will produce
348 k
kg of oxigen
This will replenish
3012 k
kg of paper
We gonna plant
100 k
trees to 2030 year

Trees are in high priority

Mitigates climate change
This tree...

Mitigates climate change

Removes CO2 from the atmosphere
This tree...

Removes CO2 from the atmosphere

Improve water quality
These trees...

Improve water quality

Boost forest health and resiliency
These trees...

Boost forest health and resiliency

Support wildlife recovery
These trees...

Support wildlife recovery

Increases human happiness and well-being
This trees...

Increases human happiness and well-being

Reduce air pollution
These trees...

Reduce air pollution

Our first 1000 trees in Altai

How can we plant trees for every subscription doing online business? It's simple! Every time a service is purchased on our platform, we donate a part of the amount to «Tree as a gift» project. Our partner will use this donation for reforestation and the restauration of Siberian forests in Russia.
Read more about the initiative Read about our first 1000 trees

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How it works?


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Meet your tree

SAU Team plan a tree and give you all info: coordinates, photos, certificate


Follow your tree

We will publish photo and video reports about planting and caring trees on this site and social nets

The progress

Cedars and larches

1000 newbies were planted in Altai, Russia at the end of April 2021

Where these trees are? See then on Google Earth or Google Maps

Planting cedars

It was a good sunny day for tree planting. We chose cedar and larch babies

Planting larches

Larch is a really good tree for air cleaning. It will have a big tree trunk

Many-many larches

Planting is a precise process. The root of the seedling must be put deep enough

Welcome home, larch!

And at the same time, the trunk must be clearly above the ground to avoid rotting

Smart planting

All trees were planted to prepared furrow in proper distance from each other

Love to volunteers

We appreciate all volunteers' help with the planting process 🌲❤️🌲


Get SAU Premium subscription and this baby-larch can become yours!

My tree

Serena Davyan Alexis 💚Yours💚 Misha Freddie Donald